What makes a powerful image?

Tabula Rasa - Andy Pilsbury - Birmingham City University - Photography Annual 2015

You get excited
when you see a photograph
that has something fresh,
distinctive or idiosyncratic;
something that simply
makes you look again...

Bomb - Antony Crossfield - Photography Annual 2015

...The beauty of photography
 is its limitless ability to
 mirror something of ourselves.
 We inherently seek the
 familiar, something of our
 own lives – and where
 there is also a twist
 we are hooked.

Jim Stoddart
Art Director
Penguin Books

There is a beautiful democracy
in photography,

a powerful image can
have a universal
impact, regardless
of culture or perspective...

Foot Soldiers - Christopher Griffith - New York Times Magazine - Photography Annual 2015

Adidas Terrex Collection - Gian Paul Lozza - Adidas - Photography Annual 2015

The most powerful
 images communicate
 at a profound level,
 they ask a question,
 speak of a human truth,
 they demand that
 we consider the
 meaning, they don't
 tell us all the answers.

Georgia Fendley
Art Director
Construct London